What’s new in November 11th

What’s new in November 11th

Legendary yo-yo legend, Hajime Miura, has joined Team Yoyorecreation!
This means that we will be releasing two new yo-yos with Hajime Miura’s signature at the same time!
The first one is the bimetal model “AUTOSCOPY”, which has a wide width for a double-handed yo-yo and a spinning performance that perfectly corresponds to Hajime’s game.


The off-string model “AUT(OS)COPY” was also released at the same time.
This is a yo-yo that can be used for all kinds of tricks, including detailed tricks and regeneration, and has a shining sense of stability in the SOLOHAM style where you control two off-string yo-yos at the same time.
It also has an excellent fit in the hand, making it the easiest to throw and catch when multiple yo-yos are involved.


Hajime Miura’s signature string “Hajime String 20” by hkmtequipment is also going on sale at the yoyorecreation store!
It is a string with a good thickness that allows the string to move powerfully.
Hajime String 20-packed