Mizuki Takimoto and Minato Furuta come 3rd and 4th in 3A at Japan Nationals!

Team Yoyorecreation member Mizuki Takimoto took home 3rd place in the 3A division of the Japan National Yo-yo Contest held in Tokyo on the 17th and 18th of June 2017. Once again Mizuki gave his all this competition, taking to the stage with an ambitious freestyle composition. After having to change out in the early stages of his freestyle, the youngster showed impressive grit to power through and make a success of the rest of his routine where he showed off his specialty insta-mounts along with some classy combos in which both yo-yos flowed in harmony.

The other 3A heavy-hitter of the Yoyorecreation team, Minato Furuta took home 4th place.
After winning the Central Japan Yo-yo Contest to attain his seed directly to the finals, Minato came prepared with a routine with a heavy emphasis on music use. His smooth play in timing to the breaks and beats of his choice of music, combined with the technicality of his tricks made this an entertaining watch.