Izuru Hasumi takes 2nd place at Hamamatsu Yo-yo Contest!

Izuru Hasumi took home 2nd place in the 1A division of the Hamamatsu Yo-yo Contest held in Hamamatsu on the 29 and 30th of April.
Using the Sigtyr, Izuru carried through the good form which saw him dominate at West Japan Yo-yo Contest.
As well as having very few minor mistakes, Izuru’s freestyle composition was spot on, having excellent pacing throughout both his technical and speed combos.

Coming in 5th place of the 1A division was the most tasteful member of the team, Toru Miyazaki.

Despite not having competed in some time, Toru’s execution was precise and snappy which made this freestyle a joy to watch.
Toru also showed impressive levels of consistency despite his tricks being often existing on a higher plane of complexity compared to other players.

Masahiro Terada placed 10th.

This freestyle was the perfect display of Masahiro’s technical attributes, being packed full of difficult hops from awkward body positions together with some highly finessed slack arm tricks.

In the X division Minato Furuta took home 3rd place.

Minato entered the competition having come up some new tricks and adjusted the arrangement of some older tricks specifically for the occasion.
Although he had a few mistakes, he did well to achieve a podium place in a division shared between 3A, 4A and 5A competitors.

New team member Takumi Hakamata came in 4th place of the X division.

Takumi’s freestyle was packed full of high density combos and super high risk tricks which captured the essence of 4A itself. Although his selection of risky tricks did not pay off in the end, parts of his freestyle oozed with excellence. We believe Toru has an outside chance of making his mark at Japan Nationals this year.