Introducing JOYC Finals Freestyles

Introducing JOYC Finals Freestyles

Here we will introduce some freestyles of players who used Yoyorecreation yo-yos in the JOYC finals!

In the SS division, the North-East regional seed holder Makoto Yoshida came in at 7th.
With some of the most precise execution of all the finalists, Makoto’s freestyle is packed full of speedy combos and acrobatic body and hop moves. Overall and excellent high scoring freestyle.

In 10th place came Arata Imai. This freestyle is an absolute treat for any fan of the world-renowned trick-smith. His unusual methods of manipulating slack are no doubt a source of inspiration for many players around the world.

Using some unique music to accompany some fast paced combos, Liu Zhao Yuan came 11th using the Draupnir. The green triangle combo in the middle of the freestyle was the highlight of his routine.

Using the START THE RIOT and coming in at 12th place was the lesser-well-known Takumi Shirasaki. Wowing the crowd with a range of tricks, each having rare and unusual mechanisms, he performed what was perhaps our favorite freestyle of the competition.

In 16th place was Tatsuya Okamoto. He showed a glimpse of what he is capable of and pulled of an incredibly difficult horizontal combo.

Takumi Sakamoto came in 18th using the Draupnir. Although his score was damaged by several mistakes, Takumi showed quality execution comparable to the top players at the competition.

Shun Matsuda came in 19th place. He showed us some well crafted tricks and horizontal combos.

In 22nd place came Sota Aoyagi using the Qilin. His three minutes was packed full of impressive slack elements which struck a chord with us, leaving an impression which was uncharacteristic of his ranking that day.

Coming in 10th place in the OS division using the C9 was Takumi Hakamata.
Though still a little rough around the edges, Takumi’s his tricks overflowed with originality and matched his competitors in terms of difficulty. The freestyle was well received by the crowd.