JOYC Freestyles of Team Yoyorecreation Members

All of the JOYC finals freestyles have now be released! We will introduce some of the freestyles by our team members.

In the SS (Single String) division, Tatsuya Fujisaka came in 5th place. This was a solid performance from the SS division veteran. Our favorite part of the freestyle is the rush of combos in the middle of the routine, each one overflowing with Tatsuya’s original style.

Also in the SS division, Masahiro Terada came in 6th place.
This freestyle is particularly worth watching as the camera angle gives a rare insight into the Masahiro’s distinctive style, and also demonstrates his progression just before his success at EJ-A.

In the OS (off-string) division, Takumi Yasumoto came in 4th place.
Although mistakes brought down the score of this freestyle, Takumi was able to put on a great performance by making some extremely high level tricks look effortless.

Next time, we will be taking a look at some freestyles non-team members who used Yoyorecreation yo-yos.