Yusuke Otsuka and Minato Furuta Get Gold at Central Japan Yo-yo Contest!

Yoyorecreation team members Yusuke Otsuka and Minato Furuta took home the titles for the 1A and 3A divisions at the Central Japan Yo-yo Contest held on the 24th of January!

Though Yusuke’s performance was more subdued than usual, he still packed in an impressive variety which were well complemented by the music. The reigning champion was unsatisfied with his routine which had a switch out and a missed bind, but by managing to the rest of his high-difficulty tricks cleanly he was able to take home his third successive CJ1A title.
Now that he has secured his seed to Japan Nationals, we can look forward to watching a classic, consistent Yusuke freestyle.

Toru Miyazaki narrowly missed out on his first CJ title, coming in at 2nd.
His ability to move the yo-yo in dynamic, fluid motions is more apparent than ever in this routine, where he moves his FG DAZZLER through combos and around his body at surprising speeds.
The persistent minor mistakes in his combos added up in the end leaving him just short of the title, but with his level of skill we don’t doubt that he’ll be able to place high at Japan Nationals.

Tatsyua Fujisaka placed 5th with a routine that had an unfortunate switch-out – but his undeniably good combos were a joy to watch as usual. Tatsuya will definitely be a contender at JN if he can regain his form.

In the 3A division, Minato Furuta came 1st using a pair of Triads.
Minato’s freestyle had a surprising amount of emphasis on music use; he used some dynamic tricks to accentuate parts of his routine very well.
With a 2nd successive CJ title under is belt, he’s set himself up in a good position to retake the National title.