Results of the YYR Unawesome T-shirt Video Contest are IN!

The results are in for the YYR Unawesome T-shirt Video Contest which came to a close on the 11th November.
We’d like to thank everyone who took part, we had some great entries!
Firstly we have the awards from each of the judges!

The Iizuka prize


The Tomoyo Prize

Ryota Ogiさん(@ryotaogi)が投稿した動画

The Tatsuya prize

Yoyo Player😁さん(@ppolor)が投稿した動画

The Mikami Prize

Yoku katoさん(@werrd_yoku)が投稿した動画

The Kengo Prize


Finally, we are pleased to announce that the Grand-prix winner is @arata_imai44 !
– he showed us some amazing technical elements and got a huge amount of exposure on instagram. The praise he is getting from players from across the globe is ridiculous!

The Grand-Prix Prize

A Worlds2015 edition Draupnir is on its way to the Grand-prix prize-winner @arata_imai44!