Hirotaka Akiba & Mizuki Takimoto Dominate EZONE2015

EZONE2015 was held in Sapporo Japan on the 22nd November, where Yoyorecreation team members Hirotaka Akiba became the SS division champion, and Mizuki Takimoto took home the DS division title.

Hirotaka defended his title playing in his signature style of precise yet dynamic moves timed perfectly to music, barely making a mistake in the 2 minutes he was on stage.

Mizuki – despite already being a world-class technician – yet again showed that his play style is continuing to develop. Although he had an early switch-out, he came through with ferocious speed and consistency to hit some high-level two-hand trapeze combos and double-handed binds in succession. He took his first EZONE title with a huge point lead.