Takahiro Iizuka, I player known for his classy and innovative play-style has finally got married! While away on his honeymoon travels, Takahiro has bought us a whole collection of un-awesome, absolutely un-cool T-shirts.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve decided to hold a trick video contest!
One lucky winner will get sent a Worlds edition Draupnir! All the un-lucky runners up will receive an un-awesome T-shirt chosen by a YYR member, and will get the privilege of rocking a piece of yo-yo history which traveled with a yo-yo god, soaking up the atmosphere of his Hawaiian honeymoon.
How to take part:
1. Follow Yoyorecreation on Instagram
2. Record your awesomest (or un-awesomest) trick!
3. Use the hashtag #YYRUNAWESOMETSHIRTVIDEOCONTEST and post your trick!
4. The deadline is the 11th of November 2015.


The Grand-Prix Prize

The winner of the Grand-Prix prize will receive a WYYC15 edition Draupnir, which was only available for purchase at the WYYC venue in Tokyo!

The Iizuka prize
“Nice Coconuts” T-shirt
At first glance, this T-shirt looks like a pretty classy garment with a small discreet logo. However just like Takahiro himself, it is not as decent as it would first seem.
On the back is a voluptuous girl with a really nice pair of coconuts.

The Tomoyo Prize

Aloha T-shirt
This piece has the famous Hawaiian greeting “Aloha” printed on vivid-blue fabric”
The most noticeable thing however are the cut off sleeves. Are there any yo-yo players out there with the guns to pull this one off?

The Kengo Prize

 “I need Beer” T-shirt
This T has a cute, but thirsty beaver printed on it.
Kengo loves this T because the sewn-in bottle opener keeps to ready to crack open a nice cold brew at any time.
The Mikami Prize

Bow-tie T-shirt

This versatile piece is suitable for smart AND casual occasions!
… Just kidding, its just super un-awesome, though there is a quite a bit of attention to detail on this one.

The Tatsuya prize

“Jesus I’m drunk” T-shirt
This is an incredibly useful T-shirt which lets you get drunk without having to confess every time. Useful but still un-awesome.