Yoyorecreation in the Women’s and over 40’s divisions!

In the Women’s and over 40’s divisions of the 2015 World Yo-yo Contest held in Tokyo between the 13th and 16th of August, we got to see some other great users of Yoyorecreation products!

Kiyoshi Kawamura used the Aeronaut took 1st place with a fantastic freestyle in the over 40’s division, a division reserved for players who are over the age of 40. This meant that this year, the Aeronaut was used to take TWO titles!

Tomoyo Shichita used the Draupnir to beat stiff competition and make it into the finals of the Womens division, a division which is still very much in its infancy since being started only last year at the 2014 World Contest in Prague. Tomoyo finished in 10th place, showing us great progress year after year. We’re excited to see how she progresses next year, especially since she is learning from her husband and legendary trick maker Takahiro Iizuka.