Mizuki Takimoto achieves 5th place in the 3A division of the World Yo-yo Contest!

Team Yoyorecreation member Mizuki Takimoto achieved 5th place in the 3A division of the 2015 World Yo-yo Contest held in Tokyo between the 13th and 6th of August.
At last years world contest, despite showing some of the most difficult tricks on stage that day, Mizuki failed to place.
This year Mizuki took to the stage using the new Yoyorecreation Valkyrie, hitting trick after trick for the first half of the freestyle despite him cracking up the difficulty of his tricks since Japan nationals. The double outside cross eli hops he performed around the middle of his freestyle are worth a special mention!
However, as if the scent of the title just within his reach had got to him, Mizuki’s movements became stiffer and stiffer and he began to make misses, ultimately leading to a restart which was detrimental to his score.
His final behind the back trapeze combo was hit cleanly, but was not enough to recover from the restart deductions.
What can be taken from Mizuki’s results this year are that he is quickly closing in on the best 3A players, and his melodic style of play and high trick density should be enough to soon take him to the top.

Takumi Yasumoto, after performing admirably in the 4A division earlier that day placed 7th.
Although he came out on top in the semi-finals with his almost machine-like precision play, he was unable to ride that wave all the way through the finals where he missed some of his most consistent combos. Despite pulling it together and landing some great speedy combos towards the second half of his routine, Takumi was unable to place as high as expected this year.

Minato Furuta placed in at 8th.
With the new Triad in hand, Minato performed a passionate freestyle on stage with the goal of re-taking the 3A world title.
He landed rare, original tricks with a totally new level of cleanness. His downfall however were the two total discards following from a failed dismount from his coro-coro combo and gyro-horizontal combo. It was a very tough day for the former champion.