2015 World Yoyo Contest New Release #9

IrParlor Lady-Bug “Japan” Tee 3500JPY

Modernism was built on shoulders of tradition.
It’s been a while since yoyorecreation’s official “pad” supplier, IrPad / IrParlor released the latest apparel, but finally it’s here – just in time for the first ever World Yoyo Contest in Japan.
With Lady-Bug, a symbol of IrParlor logo, the red circle and dynamic color conversions are imagined to be the sun which resemble Japanese national flag. Directly on them you can witness one of the best and traditional Japanese pattern, “Edo- Komon (江戸小紋)”that are set to add the scent of good old Japan.
“Edo-Komon” are composed of countless tiny dots and they were very popular especially among “Bushi (武士, a kind of samurai)” in early Edo-Era.
It’s not visible when you see them from a distance, but they’re truly beautiful when seen up close and Bushi-s liked to compete by using multiple patterns.
This “Japan” Tee is, the fusion of what to say, a traditional minimalism and modern flat design.
It’s a must for whom likes Japan or Japanese yoyo scenes, and also the ones who want to celebrate first WYYC held in Japan. Also, it surely will be a good souvenir from a trip to Japan, and a great way to bring Japanese “scent” back to your town.