2015 World Yoyo Contest New Release #7

Seventh Heaven 77777JPY

For 7 years YoyoRecreation has continued to produce top end made in Japan competition grade yo-yos.
We are proud to announce that to mark our 7th anniversary we will be releasing the “Seventh Heaven” at the 2015 World Yo-yo Contest.
The Seventh Heaven takes the Sleipnir – a yo-yo which has developed a huge following since its inception – as an inspiration for the size and shape, and is made with the titanium machining know-how we attained through the production of the Dazzler.

The result is a full size, competition ready titanium yo-yo.
It uses a blueprint which can only be fulfilled using the mechanical properties of titanium, to yield unbelievably powerful spins while maintaining a light and agile feel.

The Seventh Heaven is a yo-yo packed full with 7 years of YoyoRecreation history.