2015 World Yoyo Contest New Release #5

Valkyrie 25800JPY

We are proud to present the Valkyrie, a yo-yo produced in pursuit of the absolute optimum.
The Draupnir is a already a popular choice for competitive players who look for high speed and maneuverability, but we wanted to cater to even more players. First we chose specs which sit bang in the middle of the current spectrum of yo-yos as a base, and from there we built up a product with an emphasis on ease of use.

By precisely choosing the sweetest spots to distribute the weight, we’ve managed to produce a yo-yo with a special characteristic which can be described as being close to weightlessness, giving it exquisite maneuverability.
The Yoyorecreation Valkyrie will likely set a new standard for competition grade yo-yos.