2015 World Yoyo Contest New Release #3

Triad 6500JPY

The Triad is back after a massive upgrade.
The Triad was born in 2014 as an amalgamation of the Diffusion and Draupnir, pinnacles of both plastic and metal yo-yo worlds. From the Diffusion it took the axle and bearing seat system, and from the Draupnir the rims.
This updated version is a result of refinement of manufacturing techniques, and an overhaul of the rim design.
The result is yo-yo that spins more true, and with more stability.
However, we wouldn’t say it plays better than plastic should. This yo-yo plays as good as it does because it is plastic.
Along with the upgrade, the price has been revised to reduce the burden on your wallet.
In the era where metal is king, we believe the Triad is so revolutionary that it could overhaul the popularity of all metal yo-yos.