Iori Yamaki Wins the Asia Pacific 1A division

Iori Yamaki walked away with the Asia title at the Asia Pacific yo-yo contest held in Bugis+, Singapore from the 26th-28th of July.

After missing out one the 2014 title by a very fine margin, Iori returned to Singapore once again with real purpose, immediately becoming the favorite to win after taking first place in prelims on the opening day with an ultra-clean freestyle.
Updating the composition of his freestyle since JN, he manage to hit the routine exactly as planned, performing tricks at an unmatchable speed.
Most impressive was the consistancy at which he hit his hardest horizontal bangers, which seemed to just keep coming. Through this he compensated for the mistakes he made with absolute ease, coming in with a highly convincing score to become the most recent 1A champion of Asia.

Though failing to defend his title and getting the hat-trick, Ahmad Kharisma placed a very respectable 2nd place. As is expected from Ahmad he brought some of the highest level tricks at the competition, and we saw greater levels of trick density in his freestyle. His shift in play-style is certainly going to help him achieving his goal of becoming the first Indoensian world champion.

In 7th place came Izuru Hasumi, showing yet again his undeniable ability to compete at the top level. Performing a relatively clean freestyle at a much faster pace than usual, with the inclusion of difficult technical tricks, we can see a definite new approach to yo-yoing from Izuru which will no-doubt yield rewards in the future.

Toru Miyazaki came in at 9th place.
Emphasising his smoothness to a whole other level, Toru dropped a succession of combos with untouchable flow. Managing a freestyle which was consistent overall, Toru got some great reactions from the crowd.