Mizuki Takimoto Takes 2nd Place in the 3A Divison of the Asia Pacific Yo-yo Contest!

Mizuki Takimoto claimed 2nd place in the 3A division of the Asia Pacific Yo-yo Contest held in Singapore from the 26th – 28th of June.
This year Mizuki showed speed and music use beyond the normal realms of 3A play. Using his excellent technical ability he performed trick after trick involving the use and interaction of both yo-yos, as well as some brand new binds adding some tasteful flair to a highly entertaining freestyle.
Despite narrowly missing out on 1st place due to a hiccup during his blue-line combo, he has shown that he can compete at the greatest level and that he can really get the crowd on their feet. We look forward to what he brings to Worlds in August as we know he will make an impact.