Full-length yo-yo documentary “We are Throwers”

Renowned videographer and Polish team YoyoRecreation member Piotrek Śmietana’s new project is truly worthy of the attention from the yo-yo world and beyond.
“We are Throwers” is a feature length documentary, presenting the modern world of yo-yoing.
The documentary is scheduled to be filmed during the World Yo-yo contest in Tokyo, and will be edited after.
As mentioned in the website, both YoyoRecreation and Rebellion are collaborating partners on the project.
However the making of “We Are Throwers” is dependent on crowd funding, and so donations through the above site are very much needed.
There are a series of perks available for contributors, which are listed down the right side of the site along with the contribution amounts. There are some excellent perks available – for example, for a $25 contribution, you can pre-order the “We Are Throwers” DVD at a discounted rate, or for a $200 contribution, you will receive a limited edition Darupnir.
Within the last 3 days, already 80% of the target amount has been reached!