Japan National Yo-Yo Contest 4A Division

Representing Team YoYoRecreation for the first time at Japan Nationals, Naoto Onishi achieved 2nd place in the 4A division.
Naoto joining Team YoYoRecreation was announced recently 2nd of May, and he really made waves by making a risky routine and pulling it off with only 1 minor deduction.
Although he didn’t win this year, he showed real promise as a real contender for the world title this year.

Takumi Yasumoto came in at 5th place.
Takumi went into the finals using the newly released YoYoRecreation Cloud. Even at a national level, his technical skill and speed really shone through, performing regens of the highest risk level successively. Unfortunately, the risks he took led to some misses and cost him a podium position.
He showed everyone what he was capable of at JN, and we hope that he can go clean and fulfill his potential at Worlds