Japan National Yoyo Contest 2015 3A Division

On the 2nd and 3rd of May this year Mizuki Takimoto placed in at 2nd place in the 3A division of the Japan National Yo-Yo contest, representing Team YoYoRecreation.
Mizuki performed an unbelievable routine, playing precisely to the melody of his music and throwing tricks at a density rarely seen in 3A.
The trick content too was fantastic, choosing a well balanced choice of trick types with consistently high difficulty and variation.
He was very unlucky in not taking 1st place, but instead received the Judges Choice award for best freestyle. It was truly a freestyle to go down in 3A history.

Minato’s freestyle was super fluid and artistic, and showed the crowd some dynamic tricks rarely seen in 3A.
His music choice was high tempo, but he managed to use the speed well to really improve his trick density on previous years. You could certainly see his World-Champion pedigree shining through.

It was a welcome return to the contest scene for Yasuki, and despite being out of the game for some time he came out on top in the prelim rounds making it through to finals once again.
He demonstrated his adeptness in technical tricks, landing several risky ones showing the judges that he is still a 3A maestro.