Japan Nationals New Product Release Part 6

We present to you a brand new collaboration between up-and-coming dance music record label CLOCK HAZARD, and Yoyorecreation with the release of a special edition Diffusion!

The Diffusion features a one-off “medium-blue” clour-way with CLOCK HAZARD art-work specially designed for this release. This “CLOCK HAZARD Diffusion” will be released at Japan Nationals.

CLOCK HAZARD are a progressive techno and house label, and recently received international recognition when they were featured on electronic-music blog Thump.
Though the tempo of dance music is designed firstly for dancing through the night, we also think its ideal for freestyling to!

Freestyling to dance music is getting very popular in Japan as of late, and so we saw that there was a special connection between the two. This led us to start up the collaboration with CLOCK HAZARD, and to accompany the limited edition Diffusion yo-yo each customer will receive a code to download 25 newly released tracks from the CLOCK HAZARD label. You can check out the tracks below!

The track lengths are all around the 1 minute mark, and so are perfect for using in freestyles right away.

Yo-yoing and music are two inherently connected things in the life of a player.
The CLOCK HAZARD and Diffusion collaboration, is representative of the deep relationship between the two.

CLOCKHAZARD/Yoyorecreation special site: