Japan Nationals New Product Release Part 4

Through the use of cutting edge coating technology, our high-end titanium alloy yo-yo – the Dazzler – has received a huge up-grade. The coating is made by bombarding the titanium surface of the yo-yo with carbon and oxygen simultaneously, creating a carbon-doped titanium dioxide film around it.

This coating goes by the trade-name “Fresh Green”, and gives the yo-yo a beautiful gradiented, slightly translucent black luster.
Fresh Green was originally developed for protecting titanium parts inside nuclear reactors, and boasts the ability to increase the hardness of titanium super-alloys by 5 times and is even super-resistant to chemical corrosion. This makes it the dream coating material for any application.

The Fresh Green coated titanium alloy Dazzler will be released under the name “FG Dazzler”. It’s truly a super-durable yo-yo you can use without fear of damaging during normal use.

We hope that our lavish fusion of the highest yo-yo quality, and cutting edge coating technology brings you much enjoyment.