Japan Nationals New Product Release Part 3

Our looping style yoyo “NEGATOR” was back in much higher performance.
Based on the last model out in 2014, we chose polycarbonate as new material.

Over 15 years’ mystery what would be the best shape for 2A section, there was no sparkle ideas at all.
And it was too long for all of us to have been sticking with the similar type of yo-yos.

Yoyorecreation started to challenge this difficult project to blow away the situation.

Unlikely looping yoyos, our “NEGATOR” is made up by carving techniques include their starbursts as well.
With our hard work, finally we clicked completely new product the unique theory with both tricks and the shape offers perfect stability together with higher and stronger spinning ever.
You will find how smooth you would play “Around the World style”, and other tricks such as combos.

“NEGATOR”, the revolution from long term silence in looping yoyo’s history will take numbers of 2A players’ next partner with no doubt.