Japan Nationals New Product Release Part 2

“CLOUD” off-string yoyo has launched to the new world.

It was started from an A4 player, ATSUSHI NAKAMURA’ s dream to create his private -off string yoyo-.
We were looking for the best shape which fits perfectly controlled in his re-generation style’s dericate tricks in the smallest body.
The biggest problem – and the most difficult part- for designing this was
the smaller yet thicker body shape loses performance as well as smooth spinnings.

Yoyorecreation produced the very first 1A yo-yos with thick width.
As the pioneer, we joined this project impressed by Mr. Nakamura’s motivation for challenging his limits.

Finally “CLOUD” was born, after countless samples and the story behind.

Unique balance of the body shape, you will experience new off-string with this 1Aish yoyo.
The thick body made easy to catch high risk tricks ever.

Still keep the strong spinnings of Yoyorecreation, it will perfectly fits both re-generation style and delicate to dynamic tricks.