North Japan Yoyo Contest

On 21st of March, the last regional contest of this year,

North Japan Yoyo contest was held in Chitose Hokkaido.

At this time, four our team members were competed in.

In 3A division, Ken Takabayashi showed majestic freestyle and got that title.

Previous year, he also won EJ-A, which is known as one of the Fierce regional contests.

Ken has come a long distance in his 3A techniques, and made those highly skilled tricks on the stage.

Ken is competing in Japan National yoyo contest as a seeded player.

We can’t wait to see his cool, stylish freestyle there.

In 5A division, Sojun Miyamura got 2nd place.

With that high tempo electronic music, Sojun showed very tight, cool freestyle.

We could say that he is still one of the best 5A players with very accurate control skills.

In 1A division, two our members did great job with our newest yoyo SPUTNIK.

Hirotaka Akiba killed it with his very unique tricks and got 2nd place.

It is regrettable that he couldn’t be 1st place though,

Hirotaka arouse the cloud to enthusiasm with his extreme skills.

He has made incredible improvements to his tiny chopsticks tricks and it is still evolving.

We will see him in very high place at JN if he grow at this pace.

Hiro Irifune was at 5th place.

This time, Hiro showed off quite stylish freestyle uniting Solid tricks and beautiful trick structures.

That was very original, Hiro Irifune style we have missed for a while and it attracted audiences.

By the way, Taro Komari got 4th place of 1A Final with DRAUPNIR.

So that at ALL regional contests’ 1A Final round, we could see somebody using DRAUPNIR.

It means that DRAUPNIR has took rooted in as a new standard choice of contest scenes.