“Sheepnir” NAMA Lamb Genghis Khan Party edition of Sleipnir

On 21st of March, the last regional contest North Japan yoyo contest is going to be held in Chitose.

At the night, NAMA(raw) Lamb Genghis Khan Party, which is known as an  annual event, is also took place.

This year, we, yoyorecreation colabolated with NAMA Lamb Genghis Khan Party on making Super limited edition Sleipnir!

We named this yoyo “SHEEPnir” after sheep that is a mascot of the party.

As you know, normally Slaipnir has Marks of Horse on it though,

this SHEEPNIR has Sheep instead.

*the status of SHEEPNIR is same as Sleipnir 2014.

Don’t miss this limited yoyo if you come to the Party!!