Ryota Ogi won East Japan Yoyo Contest B Block

East Japan yoyo contest B-block(EJ-B) was held in Sendai.

Our 4 team members competed in its 1A division.

Amazingly, at the preliminary round, yyr members occupied all the top 4 places!!

We relieved that all of our team members had made it to final round.

The person who got the top at the final round, was Ryota Ogi.

He had also got 1st place at preliminary round with overwhelming performance.

Speedy combos, Dynamic tricks with his tall body, and above all amazingly clean horizontal tricks.

Ryota killed it by showing off the great freestyle filled with his original attractions.

That rock music perfectly went well with his freestyle and it went with few mistakes.

Ryota got seeded to the final of the Japan national yoyo contest.

We are looking forward to seeing his new, and more clean freestyle there.

And our very new member, Toru Miyasaki got 2nd place.

This was first time for him to be in Final round of regional contest though,

Toru showed us the majestic freestyle that he made lots of unique and beautiful slack tricks.

No one will complain if he was ranked 1st place.

The speed of his growth is just amazing.

If he progressed at this pace, Toru may bring more surprising tricks at JN.

Kento Muraoka, known for his very unique tricks, ranked 7th place.

As 44FESTIVAL which was held on the other day, he showed that moody, stylish freestyle.

Though the unfortunate stopping cost him subtraction, the score between the 3rd place was a mere 7.1points.

It shows that his freestyle is evaluated well enough also at fierce competitive scenes.

Ryosuke Iwasawa ranked 8th place.

Ryosuke made that highly difficult laceration tricks.

But sadly, twice discarding cost him fatal loss and resulted in that place.

However, his own style that can not be replaced by anyone is still alive.

We really would like to see his perfect freestyle at JN, and also worlds.

In addition to this, Mizuki Takimoto who had won at EJ-A 3Adivision, also won EJ-B trick ladder division.