Jakub Dekan won EYYC 1A Division & joined team yoyorecreation!

European Yoyo Championship was held on 5th, 6th, 7th of March in  Krakow Poland.

With his favorite throw Draupnir ,which perfectly went well with his fast combos,

Jakub challenged to this contest which decided who is the Best in Europe.

With that uptempo music, Jacub showed off great freestyle that would be evaluated almost flawless,

and got the Highest technical score against other competitors.

That advantage eventually brought him the title European Champion!

Moreover he finally joined to team yoyorecreation, that he really longed to.

We are glad you ,the new European member could join us!

Jacub is young yoyo player in the Czech republic.

Although there were lots of excellent players in Czech, he also got 1st place at Czech national yoyo contest 2014.

Considering these two big title, it’s obvious that he already has great skills of controlling yoyos.

We are really looking forward to seeing how he glows after joining team yoyo recreation.