Welcome to our team Toru Miyazaki

Welcome to our team Toru Miyazaki

Toru Miyasaki, who is well-known as one of the most remarkable players in Japan,

has joined team yoyorecreation.

And at the same time, his first video as the team member was dropped.

Even though he is just 13 years old, it is obvious that he has something about yoyoing.

You can easily see some evidences of his sense of making tricks and routines.

Toru is showing off some great, technically hard, fine structure tricks on the video.

The other day, he got 1st place  at 800YOYOCLASS contest.

You will see that he is just nothing but something EXCEPTIONAL directly you see his freestyle.


Toru is competing in the upcoming contest East Japan yoyo contest B-block.

We are looking forward to seeing his new routine there and expecting him to be in good place.