Central Japan Yoyo Contest

Central Japan Yoyo Contest

On 22nd of February 2015, Central Japan Yoyo Contest was held.

As other regional contests, members of yoyorecreation had great results in this contest.

Yusuke Otsuka got 1st plase in 1A division, and Minato Furuta got 1st place in 3A division.

Yusuke’s winning is unquestionable.

He also got 1st place in CJ last year for his first time,

so this CJ was the first contest he challenged to defend his title.

Though he chose that calm music, the freestyle he showed was amazing, filled with a variety of high level tricks.
Showing his great improvements in technic and expression, he did his best that could be expected.

Now, Yusuke is seeded to the final round of 2015 Japan National yoyo contest.

Hopefully,wanna see him getting better result than 3rd place, which is his result of previous JN.

Tatsuya Fujisaka made it to Final round though, resulted in not that good place, sadly.


Tatsuya got off a good start, but after the discarding it seems that he couldn’t hit his stride.

However, we still could see his distinguished ability as he showed off some of his brand-new tricks.

We hope him for the return match of Japan nationals.

And Minato Furuta showed his excellent ability of 3A.



At this time, choosing relatively fast music for 3A, Minato performed with tight routine.

That was amazingly smooth. Minato is undoubtedly one of the world top class 3A players.

He also got seeded to the final round of JN.

We expect Minato’s flawless freestyle there.